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The Essay Process

The Essay Process


My work with students is done in Zoom meetings. I email a link to download their free software. I also send a link to a shared Google document, which we use to make notes, write outlines, and edit drafts of essays.


The substance of our work begins with an exploration of the message you wish to convey to admissions officers. To identify a personal theme that captures your core, we discuss what defines you, what you value, and what you would contribute to a college community.


A message gains meaning when it is told in the context of a story. To help admissions officers see you as something more than grades and scores, we identify moments that encapsulate your essence, creating the raw material for your essays.


Outlines are essential to the essay process. After showing you the basics of the narrative structure, I help you develop a paragraph-by-paragraph plan for each essay. This takes time. But the effort invested in outlines means that your words will be free to flow. 


Writing your first draft will not be difficult. There is no word limit. Spelling does not count. Once words are on the page, we channel Ernest Hemingway: “The only kind of writing is rewriting.” Multiple drafts provide the opportunity to mesh your message, your story and your voice. 

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