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Essay Packages

Core Essay Package

The Core Essay Package provides students with unlimited one-on-one guidance for all essays for any four college applications. 

Application Positioning

Admissions officers read applications and envision the contribution a student might make to their college. For insights, they focus on the essays, which represent students' best opportunity to define themselves. Positioning starts with far-ranging discussions of a student's interests, accomplishments and goals. We identify a main theme for the personal statement and subsidiary messages to convey in the supplement essays for individual applications, and plan groups of essays that provide self-portrait with depth and breadth.

Personal Common Essay

An outstanding personal essay is essential to success in admissions to elite universities. To help students set themselves apart, I have a process that includes finding core themes, identifying stories and insights that will convey the message, creating a detailed outline, and writing multiple drafts. For all drafts, I prefer live meetings to written comments. I do not limit to the number of drafts or the amount of time spent on the personal essay. Students and I work until we agree that the essay offers captures her or his essence.

Supplement Essays for Four Applications

The college-specific, supplement essays complement the personal essay. They detail a student's college goals, important extracurricular activities, and community connections. The Core Essay Package includes work on all supplement essays for any four applications. For those four applications, the number of sessions and the amount of time is unlimited. Families seeking guidance on more than four applications may consider The Complete Essay Package.

The deadline for completion of all essays in the Core EssayPackage is November 1, 2023

Complete Essay Package

The Complete Essay Package includes all elements of the Core Essay Package. However, the number of applications is eight. For these applications, I provide unlimited meetings. 

The deadline for completion of all essays in the Complete Essay Package is

November 1, 2023

Recruited Athlete Essay Package

The Recruited Athlete Essay Package is designed to provide the essays that student-athletes need when a coach has confirmed a commitment and they are applying to a single university. The package includes the personal essay and all supplement essays for the one college to which a student-athlete will apply.

The deadline for completion of all essays in the Recruited Athlete Essay Package is

October 1, 2023

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