Frequently Asked Questions


Do you write essays for students?
Writing essays for students is unethical, unnecessary, and ineffective. The unethical part speaks for itself: students applying to college should not cheat and I will not support cheating. Nor will I permit parents or friends to write or edit essays. My students' essays encapsulate their ideas, in their voice. Proof that outside writing and editing is unnecessary can be found on my admissions results page. Every student listed succeeded with the combination of their abilities and my guidance. It is also important to understand that adult writing is easily detected by admissions officers. Applicants suspected of cheating may be denied admission immediately.

Do you guarantee admissions results?
The admissions results of my students are exceptional. Still, college admissions are intensely competitive; decisions often defy explanation. So I cannot guarantee that a student will be admitted to a particular school. What I can say is that the essays written by my students significantly increase their odds of admission by differentiating them from other applicants to elite universities. 

Do you assign students to work with assistants?
I do not have assistants. Students who agree to work with me can expect to work only with me. I also recommend against working with any consulting service that assigns students to staff members, no matter how impressive their resumes. Students and parents have the right to connect an essay consultant to admissions results. 

How many students do you work with?
I expect to work with 60 students over the course of the 2022-23 admissions cycle. This number allows me to give every student as much attention as she or he needs.

How often do you meet with a student?
The schedule of meetings is determined by the completion of work and the availability of a student. Early in the process, a student and I might meet two or three times in one week. When other student commitments -- school work, internships, jobs, etc. -- intervene, the time between meetings is longer. My bias is always to move toward completion. I do not guarantee a minimum number of meetings or limit a maximum. Students and I continue to meet and work until we agree that every essay is excellent. 

Can students make weekly appointments?
In order to maintain flexibility, I do not set a regular appointment time. Instead, students tell me when their writing is complete and we meet as soon as possible, which is typically within one or two days.

Do you work on just the Common Application personal statement?
Working on an essay package is the best way for me to ensure the high standard of all material in an application. An application with great Common Application essay with weak supplement essays will be less effective than an application where the ideas and writing are consistent. I only work on the personal statement as part of an essay package.

Do you work on just the supplement essays?