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College Admissions Shocker!

Frank Bruni affirms his role as an advocate for sanity in the college admissions process. He does so with a hilarious column in the New York Times. Spoiler alert: the piece is pure satire. To target colleges' race to be the most selective in the land, he writes that Stanford had received record numbers of applicant and that its acceptance rate had dropped to zero.

"With no one admitted to the class of 2020, Stanford is assured that no other school can match its desirability in the near future."

The rest of the article I leave to anyone who might be interest. But not before adding that, like all effective humor, the piece is rooted in a situation well-deserving of a lot of scrutiny and a bit of mockery.

For a more direct dose of Bruni's thinking on the admissions process, check out his book, Where You Go Is Not Who You'll Be.

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