How college admissions has turned into something akin to ‘The Hunger Games’

An article in the Washington Post's Answer Sheet blog likens college admissions to The Hunger Games. @ValerieStrauss provides a brief introduction before handing over the reins to Brennan Barnard, director of college counseling at the Derryfield School, a private school in Manchester, N.H. Barnard begins his piece with this poignant passage:

"With sinking admission rates, high-stakes testing, rising tuition costs, unmanageable debt and anunhealthy fixation on the handful of most selective schools, we are debilitating the next generation of learners. The message we inadvertently send: A prestige acceptance is better than a joyful childhood."

After briefly comparing The Hunger Games to college admissions -- "where students battle to survive in application pools seeming to demand perfection" -- Barnard goes on to ask the questions that matter. How did this happen? Who is responsible? What are the effects on high school students?

Barnard also offers a call to action. He asks students and parents to take a stand and to unite behind a better mindset. Toward this end he provides two lists, one called "We will NOT ...", the other called "INSTEAD we will ..."

Recommended reading for anyone seeking a sense of sanity in the college admissions process.

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