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Personal Essay Analysis

Completing a first draft of the personal essay for the Common Application is a huge step. But it is only the first step. The most effective college essays are the result of multiple drafts. To provide students with the insights they need to improve their personal statement, College Essay Mentor can provide a detailed analysis.

The Personal Essay Analysis is not an editing service. Students will not receive line-by-line suggestions about sentences and wording. They will receive the insights essential to completing an outstanding essay.


The analysis is a written report that evaluates every essay for eight core principles of effective college essays. It does not include in-person meetings. Students will receive:

  • An annotated version of the student's original draft.

  • A "score" of weak / good / strong for each of the eight core principles.

  • Clear explanation of the reason for the score.

  • Specific instructions for improvements.

  • Analysis of revised drafts is available for an additional fee.

The fee for Personal Essay Analysis is $210.

The fee for reviewing revisions is $110 per draft.

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