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As a college essay consultant who specializes in helping students gain admission to elite universities, I have two goals. One goal is to transform the admissions experience. It is common for students to feel uncertain about college essays, which represent the last, best chance to differentiate yourself from other outstanding applicants. In a series of one-on-one meetings, I help students explore their personal values, identify meaningful themes, and compelling essays. As a guide for every draft of every essay, I create a process that is manageable, calm, and even fun.

My other goal is exceptional results. Every year dozens of College Essay Mentor students are accepted to elite schools, including the Ivy League, Stanford, and MIT. This year's early admissions include Harvard, Yale, Princeton and Stanford, as well as UChicago and CalTech. I attribute most of my students' success to their academic prowess and non-academic endeavors. My contribution is understanding the college context and showing students how to write essays that will engage and intrigue admissions officers.

My approach to college essays is the product of my work as a journalist at The Economist and The Wall Street Journal, as the author of two books, and as an editor for other professional writers. As an interviewer, I honed the ability to ask incisive questions and listen for interesting answers. As a writer, I learned how to use structure to create and tell a compelling story. As an editor, I practiced crafting language that is precise and fresh. Sharing these lessons has allowed my more than 300 one-on-one students to write college essays that are authentic, memorable and increase their chances of admission to elite universities.

2020 Admissions

  • Harvard

  • Princeton

  • Yale

  • Dartmouth

  • Cornell

  • Penn

  • Brown

  • Columbia

  • Stanford

  • Cal Tech

  • MIT

  • UChicago

  • Duke

  • Rice

  • Williams

  • Barnard

  • Northwestern

  • Carnegie Mellon

  • Washington U.

  • Georgia Tech

  • Berkeley

  • Michigan

  • UT Austin

  • NYU, Stern

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Quadruplets who were admitted to Yale.