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I'm Christopher Hunt, a consultant for college admissions essays that maximize the results of students applying to elite universities.

My approach to college essays is rooted in my experience as a journalist at The Economist and

The Asian Wall Street Journal, as the author of two books, and as an editor for other professional writers. The common thread?


As a college essay consultant, I work one-on-one with students, showing them how to identify meaningful themes, structure compelling stories,

and craft language that engages readers. The result is essays that are authentic, memorable, and increase students' odds of admission.

The essay may just be the most important part of your application to a United States college or university. While your standardized test scores and grades can assure you are a competitive applicant, they won't make you stand out in a strong applicant pool. Extracurricular activities and recommendations help inform admission committees what you do in and out of class, but rarely serve to significantly differentiate applicants.

The essay is often a deciding factor, conveying information to the admissions committee about your personality, values, creativity or other intangible qualities sought after in students. While a great essay won't make up for poor academic preparation or other deficiencies in an application, it can mean the difference between admission and rejection.

   Seth Allen

   Dean of Admissions at Pomona College

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Quadruplets who were admitted to Yale.