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College Essay Mentor

Admissions Essay Help from a Published Author

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Transform the Admissions Process

As a college essay consultant who specializes in helping self-motivated students gain admission to elite universities, I want to transform the admissions experience. It is common for students to feel uncertain about college essays, which represent the last, best chance to differentiate themselves from other outstanding applicants. In a sequence of one-on-one meetings, I help students explore their personal values, identify meaningful themes, and write essays that will intrigue and impress admissions officers. As a personal guide for every draft of every essay, I create and manage a process that minimizes stress and maximizes success.


Get Exceptional Results

Students, parents and I share a goal: acceptances to elite universities. Every year dozens of College Essay Mentor students defy low admissions rates and get accepted to the Ivy League, Stanford, MIT and more. In 2022, my students gained multiple acceptances to every Top 20 school. Credit belongs largely to students' academic achievements and endeavors beyond the classroom. My contribution is to understand what kinds of essays "work" in the admissions context and to teach students how to craft essays that create compelling, personal portraits.​

  • Harvard (3)

  • Princeton (5)

  • Yale (9)

  • Dartmouth (5)

  • Penn (8)

  • Cornell (12)

  • Brown (4)

  • Columbia (3)

  • Stanford (9)

  • MIT (3)

  • UChicago (7)

  • Johns Hopkins (3)

  • Duke (8)

  • UC Berkeley (11)

  • Northwestern (6)

  • Washington U (7)

Total acceptances for select schools, Spring 2022

Admissions Insights

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